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There is so much to explore while in Sri Lanka. The variety of adventures and cultural places makes this place a must visit. If you are going to Sri Lanka, there are several things that you should make sure to check out. We list seven of the things that you should put on your bucket list. This will give you some great activities between swimming in the ocean and work on your tan.

Sigiriya: This was once the capital of Northern Sri Lanka. There was a King named Kasyapa who decided to build a fortress on top of a huge rock – about 680 feet up to be exact. This fortress was on top of the rock but the steep sides were covered in frescoes. There are several different myths on what happened at the fortress and to the king. One story is that Kasyapa killed his father and took over the throne even if the rightful heir was his older brother. However the story went – after the king died, the fortress was taken over by monks and was used as a monastery until the 1400s. Today, Sigiriya is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site and you can still see a lot of the frescoes on the fortress.

The Golden Temple of Dambulla: The Dambulla cave temple is a genuinely impressive site in Sri Lanka. Being the largest and best-preserved cave temple complex in the country makes it a perfect fit for UNESCO. This site is listed on their world heritage site. Statues and paintings around in different caves is a sight that needs to be explored. There are around 150 statues of Buddha inside and you will see a huge sitting Buddha at the Golden Temple which lies underneath the cave temples.

Anuradhapura: This is a must see city in the Northern Central Province. You can spend many days here just visiting different ancient sites. It’s one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and like a lot of places in Sri Lanka it is on UNESCO world heritage site list. It is here where the world’s oldest tree is located. The sacred Bodi tree is a must see. If you get fed up with all the Dagobas we have a perfect hidden gem for you. Go to Nellikulama Temple and take the meditating route. This is an unknown temple where the monks walk and meditate. 500 Arhat and Buddha statues will keep you company along with your route.

The Tea Hills: Forget about drinking tea while in London. Get your tea fix while in Sri Lanka. The tea that grows here is of excellent quality, and you can eat and breath tea for a long time. There are loads of museums, shops, cafés, plants and factories in the city of Nuwara Eliya and around. You are not allowed into all the plants, but you can take a ride alongside the great tea hills. Watch people work at the plants and visit a tea factory. You will learn all you need to know about tea while here. Make sure to catch the train from Haputale to Ella to see the tea hills in a slowly and relaxing pace.

The Turtles of Bentota: Around Bentota, there are lots of turtle hatcheries. If you are lucky, you can help and release them into the wild. There are several different species of turtles along Sri Lanka’s coast. Due to the tsunami in 2004, a lot of the turtles died and to restore the population the hatcheries started popping up. You will both learn about these magical creatures, and you will get to see lots of them. Remember that the hatcheries are mainly to keep the turtles’ population safe. Do not pay any extra to be able to pet them or play with them. Wild is wild!

Temple Of The Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy: Kandy also has a lot of different beautiful temples to visit. If you need to pick one make sure to visit the Temple of the sacred tooth relic. A lot of tourists think of Elephants when they hear Kandy. Sure there is elephant orphanage that you can visit as well. They are outside of Kandy but you have easy access to them. However, the temple in Kandy hosts what is by far the most sacred Buddha relic in the country. It is said to be the tooth of Buddha. It was taken at the funeral and smuggled into Sri Lanka in a princes’ hair. Whether the story is true or not? It is up to you to decide. The temple, however, is beautiful. If you are lucky, you might see some elephants here – guarding the temple.

Galle:  Head to the south of Sri Lanka and gorge on the history of the colonial Dutch town. Here you are guaranteed to feel the smell of spices and feel salty winds in your hair. Stroll around in the ancient fort walls. This makes for a beautiful walk with some great views. If you want to see more of the Fort you can go inside as well. Galle is supposed to be visited in no hurry. Here you shall make your way at a slow pace and just enjoy yourself. While in Galle you might also visit Dondra. This town is located outside of Galle and it is here that you can be at the southernmost tip of Sri Lanka.

Whether you are looking for sun and fun or culture and education – Sri Lanka has it all! We are here to help you make your Sri Laka trip pleasant & memorable. Just let us know your interest, and we will make a great travel plan for you.

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